Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability


Our business principles include:

    - We prioritize local workers and vendors paying a living wage and a fair price for proven quality.

    - We work locally building community where relationships and service continue long after the construction project.  These ongoing relationships help us to better serve our clients now and into the future.  We often return to the same home to do routine maintenance or make small changes to suit a family’s needs.

    - We are conscious of the environmental consequences of construction and consider these as part of the embodied cost of a project.  Our projects include sighting for solar gain, certified green materials, and high efficiency insulation and heating systems.  We work for quality and durability over maximum square footage.

    - We utilize building protocols that are efficient and friendly to the environment.  We reduce construction waste through material choices, careful use, and on-site waste separation.  Useful building materials are repurposed, cardboards and metals are recycled, and clean waste wood is used to heat the workshop.

Our role as building professionals:

    We recognize each client as unique.  Our role as building professionals is to work with our clients to make responsible choices in design, materials, and mechanical systems.  Environmental Sustainability figures large in all building choices.  We build healthy living spaces that are energy efficient, sit lightly on the planet, and serve our clients’ needs now and into the future.  Our goal is always a high-quality job that will endure in our local climate and adapt for generations.

Doing good while doing well is at the core of our business model.

We seek win-win relationships with our clients, workers, vendors, local community, and an environment in which none shoulder an undue proportion of the embodied cost of a project, and all benefit from a job well done.

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